1. When the disc is first opened, the program can request permission to install (install). It is necessary to give permission by agreeing to the terms of the program. To continue working with other CDs, you do not need to reinstall the program. The program takes only 50 MB on the hard drive.

2. If the program does not start automatically, then you just need to open this disk (do not start, namely open the disk), then select from the set of folders icon setup Setup.exe and click on it with the mouse. The program will load automatically.

3. For fast image loading it is recommended to copy the contents of the disk to the Local disk (C :), for example, to the shared folder - KT - then to the personal folder - Ivanov I.I. The main condition - both folders are called LATIN letters! The program with the Russian name will not open the folder. Then, in the general KT folder, it will be possible to store the studies of the following patients, naming them appropriately.

4. For further work with the KT image after the program is installed and the data from the disk is copied to the patient's folder on the Local disk (C :), it is necessary to open the patient's personal folder on the Local disk (C :) and click on the icon setup Setup.exe. The program will load automatically.

5. ATTENTION - a picture saved on the desktop will not open!

Общественное объединение «Республиканская ассоциация инвалидов- колясочников» (ОО «РАИК»)