Indicative prices for the provision of dental services in
 "7th City Dental Clinic"

The total cost of the work is determined by the results of the survey and depend on the set of the diagnosis, the volume of necessary measures and the cost of materials at the time services are rendered.

Service list For the citizens of Belarus and foreign citizens

The cost (BYN)

Outpatient surgery
Operations in diseases of the gums from 55,79 and more
Plastic bridles the tongue and lips from 55,21 and more
Removal of benign formations (atheromas, papillomas, etc.) from 51,61 and more
Removal of cysts from 51,70 and more
Removal of exostosis from 52,25 and more
Dental implants
Advance preparation for implantation (sinus lift) from 74,03 and more
Installing a two-stage intraosseous implants from 355,57 and more
Installation of one-step implant intraosseous from 270,38 and more
Teeth-saving outpatient surgery
Amputation of the tooth root from 36,93 and more
Hemisection from 53,96 and more
Crown-radicular separation from 48,26 and more
Resection of the tooth root from 54,94 and more
Malocclusion multibonding systems (braces) from 296,99 and more
Dentistry without preparation
Dentistry without preparation using ozone (the unit "Healozone") from 21,80 and more
Dentistry without preparation using the "Icon" the system from 48,53 and more
Treatment of root canal
Filling 2 root canal manually from 52,69 and more
Filling 2 root canals using endomotor from 103,49 and more
Filling 3 root canal manually from 70,08 and more
Filling 3 root canals using endomotor from 146,99 and more
Filling of the root canal using endomotor from 57,53 and more
Filling of the root canal manually from 32,13 and more
Repeated endodontic treatment from 61,41 and more
Teeth microprosthetic
Tabs from 257,71 and more
Teeth whitening
Office whitening from 203,93 and more
Teeth filling
Veneers from 51,63 and more
Restoring the anatomical shape of the tooth after endodontic treatment from 67,07 and more
Tooth fillings from 50,26 and more
Prosthodontics (crowns and bridges)
Metal-free zirconium oxide from 319,66 and more
Non-metal-based glass-ceramics from 161,41 and more
Cast crowns from 83,32 and more
Metal-ceramic crowns from 119,99 and more
Prosthetics removable constructions
Clasp dentures from 203,46 and more
Clasp prosthesis on attachments from 439,52 and more
Clasp prosthesis on telescopic crowns from 328,53 and more
Full dentures from 131,20 and more
Partial dentures  from 69,39 and more
Prosthetics on implants
Non-removable prosthetics from 445,43 and more
Removable prosthetics  from 839,83 and more
Prosthetics removable dentures on thermoplastics
Nylon dentures from 273,22 and more
Prostheses such as "Kvattroti" from 221,62 and more
Fissure sealing from 12,68 and more
Ultrasonic cleaning from 9,13 and more
Cleaning device "Vector" from 10,53 and more
Brushing by hand from 9,18 and more
Removing dental plaque sandblasted from 12,48 and more
Other manipulations
Decorating for the teeth (Skys) from 39,68 and more
Fiberglass splinting materials teeth from 201,22 and more
X-ray diagnostics
Dental digital radiography from 3,74 and more
Cone-beam computed tomography (3D) from 20,29 and more (for the citizens of Belarus)
from 62,37 and more (for foreign citizens
Panoramic radiography from 6,41 and more
1-2 Removing the root of a tooth from 14,88 and more
Removing the 3 root of the tooth from 17,05 and more
Removal of the 8th teeth from 55,28 and more
Laser irradiation from 0,37 and more
Ultrahigh frequency from 1,22 and more