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Dental surgery

Today, dental surgery uses his experience in practice, not only in bezotlozhnyh cases of medical indications, but also to achieve an aesthetic effect. Due to the rapid development of technologies and products operations are on-line without feeling pain at the time of surgery.

Translated from the Greek term "surgery" means the healing effects of hands. Therefore, the leading role in operable manipulation always belongs to the doctor. From his professionalism, qualifications, experience and knowledge of the procedure depends on the result. If you need high-quality services of Operative Dentistry in Minsk visit of '7th City Dental Clinic ".

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implantWhat does dental surgery

In the region today, which is engaged in dental surgery, is quite wide. It includes:

implantation, implantation systems, hygiene with dental implants;
inflammation of the dental system and periodontal tissues;
localized tumors in the oral cavity;
gum defects, palate, lips, congenital and acquired character;
anomalies of the process of tooth development and deformation.              



Through surgical dentistry it is possible to preserve teeth that were previously subject to immediate removal. Working closely with aesthetic dentistry, science, surgery can restore a number of missing elements in the comfort of the patient mode. Doctors carried out a correction of bite, implantation, treatment of pathological periodontal diseases. They made simple and complex extractions and implemented a comprehensive set of measures to zubosohranyayuschim operations.

Tooth extraction surgical dentistry

Despite the fact that in order to preserve natural teeth used the latest technology, in some cases, the number of cell extraction from the alveoli can not be avoided. Painless procedures in surgical stomatology is due to the skill of the expert and the use of modern anesthetics. Eliminated from the mouth tooth can on planned and indications and urgently. The latter option is characteristic of purulent abscesses and severe pain reaction when adequate measures of therapy is not able to help. The planned removal mode is performed in situations:

1. Obstruction of the root canals, the formation of cysts, neuralgia and sinusitis morbidity;
2. badly damaged tooth crown and root portion due to illness or due to mechanical damage;
3. shattered and heavily mobile teeth in the jaw;
4. abnormal teeth, whose situation is a risk factor for mucosal injury, violation of diction;
5. Impacted elements not completely erupted from the gum base, and interfere with the development of the adjacent teeth.

In some cases, dental surgery resorted to removal of teeth, when they create an obstacle to the installation of prosthetic designs, prevent their stabilization in the oral cavity. After the intervention of the dentist-surgeon prescribes recommendations observe that the patient needs to minimize the risk of complications.

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Bone grafting and sinus lift surgery in implant practice

The disadvantage of the jaw bone in the intended place of implantation of titanium root is not a contraindication to its installation, if dental surgery is able to compensate for the amount of bone tissue. The fabric is restored by various methods using organic materials and artificial origin. Through the operation can achieve stabilization of the implant in the jaw.

The procedure takes place in the open mode cutoff gingival flap to accommodate the material. Closed sinus lift involves gentle puncture or piercing - can be performed simultaneously with implantation. After the operation of any of the above methods of dental surgery is recommended for patients for the first time to limit load, diving under the water, air travel. To avoid the risk of bone material displacement should avoid drinking beverages through a straw, sneeze and cough is only at the open mouth.

Conducting operations seamed

Indications for them is complicated periodontitis with the mobility of the teeth I-II degree, periodontal pockets with sopped fibrous gingiva, mucous tissue defects in the cervical area of ​​the teeth. The aim of the intervention is operable plastic effect or organization access to the bone pockets that need to be processed under careful visual inspection.

Plastic correction of frenulum of lips

The presence of this pathology can cause a diastema with a shortened position bridle. In children, such defect has other implications:

violation of the functions of sucking in infancy;
diction change at a later age;
inharmonious bite later.

Short bridle is adjusted by the surgeon dentist in carrying out orthodontic treatment. Through the use of innovative equipment, cash masterful cosmetic seams and minimal trauma at the time of the operation, all medical manipulations are performed quickly, allowing the patient to enter into the habitual rhythm of life in the short term. The earlier the plastic bridle, the easier the therapeutic rehabilitation.



Removing cysts

One of the common problems that can deal dental surgery in Minsk, is to remove the cyst. Education may appear in the root of the tooth and the surrounding area has not yet erupted dentition element. Danger is festering tissues, resulting in pain in the oral cavity, gingival swelling, fever, swelling of the face muscles, weakness and headache. Based on the size of the cyst and the place of its location, the dentist technology surgeon determines its removal.

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