Modern, reliable Minsk dental laboratory specializing in the manufacture of all types of dentures.

You are looking for a reliable partner for the dental practice? Would you like to order a high-quality dentures in Minsk? Find a dental technician who understands you perfectly? To work is delivered to the right address? And the prices for dental works are objective?

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Our dental laboratory is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of high-quality dentures for most implantologists, dentists, orthopedists and orthodontists Minsk!

High-quality dental materials purchased by us from leading international manufacturers, allow our specialists to create aesthetic and durable dentures for your patients.

Rich production experience, highly qualified dental technicians and manual skills honed allow you to create even the most complex designs.

Features and benefits of working with the dental laboratory:

Production of all types of dental prostheses


- Full and partial removable dentures;

- Clasp and telescopic dentures;

- Single and bridge of varying length;

- Non-metal and metal-ceramic dental restoration;

- Removable and permanent prosthetics on implants;

- Veneers;

- Manufacture of dentures by injection molding;

- Orthodontic appliances: the plate, rapid palatal expansion devices (ABNR), splinting, positioning and sports mouthguards, and more.

Современные и качественные материалы

Modern and high-quality materials for the manufacture of dentures

Dental materials for restorations are purchased from world famous manufacturers of dental industry (Austria, Germany, Italy, Japan, etc.). All of them have proven themselves as high-quality and experienced specialists of the laboratory before mass use.


The use of innovative technologies

Working closely with manufacturers, we regularly attend lectures and seminars on innovations in the world of dentistry. We communicate directly with the creators of innovation, to learn all the technological subtleties and nuances. Innovate in-house production among the first not only in Minsk, but also in the whole of the Republic of Belarus.


Highly qualified dental technicians

Laboratory regularly sends its employees to the best masters of the dental technician crafts around the world to improve the existing knowledge and skills. The unique experience of our dental technicians, will allow the doctor to avoid technical errors in the manufacture of dental prostheses.


Unique equipment

The laboratory is equipped with advanced foreign dental equipment that can reduce the time and cost of manufacturing high-quality, aesthetic, functional and durable dentures. Casting apparatus ROKO MULTIPRESS MAX, the STRATOS articulator, an apparatus for electropolishing the BEGO, milling, kilns for all-ceramic, metal-ceramic and ceramic restorations pressed, polymerizers and other equipment.



                                Years of experience in the field of dental prosthetics

A huge number of implemented technically complex cases, thousands, of happy smiling, patient! For some kinds of work come to us from other cities.



Reasonable terms of manufacturing dental work

Depending on the complexity of the work term of manufacturing a dental prosthesis varies.



Objective prices

Prices for dental work in our laboratory will surprise you!


The warranty for the products manufactured by the Laboratory

According to the current legislation in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, the laboratory provides a warranty on the work performed.

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Maximum use of skills, knowledge and experience of the dental technician is an integral part of every dental work. We work with clients of the laboratory on an honest basis. Moreover, the key task of absolutely any dental technician - correctly restore a functional work of dental systems and patient smile aesthetics

Earn a reputation for high quality dentist with our dental laboratory!

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